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Riddington Family



Riddington family

George Riddington appears to have moved to Manly c1908 from Lower F[...]of gas workers
lived in Stuart Street, was George Riddington perhaps employed there prior to World War One?[...]ling the property in 2009, Mattai remained in the Riddington
family until c1972. 5 Mattai forms part of a terr[...]ing was completed in circa 1923. 7
By 1931 George Riddington was living at what was then 63 Quinton Road, Manly (since
renumbered). However Miss Fanny Riddington had moved into Mattai in Pacific Street.
Anot[...]mpion swimmers, surfers and ironmen including Max
Riddington and Craig Riddington have followed Syd’s lead.

By the mid 1930s[...]tons, in three different households:
Arthur James Riddington, 33 Pacific Street, labourer
David Riddington, 33 Pacific Street, jeweller
Fanny Riddington, 33 Pacific Street, home duties
George Riddington senior, 33 Pacific Street, fitter
Mary Ellen Riddington, 33 Pacific Street, milliner
George Riddington junior, 173 Sydney Road, electrician
Winifred Riddington, 173 Sydney Road, home duties

Sands’ Directory 1907 listed a George Riddington at 29 Lower Fort Street.
2 Sands’ Directory 190[...]4 February 2009.
4 Sands’ Directory 1923 listed Riddington at 33 Pacific Street.
5 Personal interview[...]
Manly Library Local Studies

Ethel May Riddington, 46 Wood Street, home duties
Sydney John Riddington, 46 Wood Street, orderly.

George died in 1950[...]roll of electors and ratepayers, there were four
Riddington households in the municipality. David Riddington, jeweller and his wife Mary Ellen
now occupied 33[...]Winifred, lived at 34
Whistler Street; Ethel May Riddington lived with her daughter Gwen, a process worker, at 15
High Street; and Donald George Riddington, a planning engineer, with his wife Hilda[...]