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Noel Philip Ryan


Manly Library Local Studies

Noel Philip Ryan (1912-1969)

MAN02115 Noel Ryan 1932 MML

Newspaper obituary, November[...]sudden death on Sunday of former champion swimmer Noel Ryan has closed one of
the most illustrious chapters in the sporting annals of the Manly district.
Mr Ryan (58) of Queenscliff, collapsed and died after com[...]club’s 15-year-old
champion Doug Clues.
Mr Ryan climbed from the pool but collapsed as he bent do[...]hile awaiting the
arrival of an ambulance, but Mr Ryan was dead on arrival at Manly District Hospital.
Noel Ryan was regarded by club officials as the best swimme[...]peated the ‘double’ at London in 1934.
Mr Ryan also represented Australia in the Empire Games in[...]at distances from 100 yards up to a mile.
Mr Ryan was a life member of Manly Swimming Club and an o[...]ommittees.
Manly Life Saving Club regarded Mr Ryan as one of its most outstanding members.
In the business world Mr Ryan was widely known as manager of the Allambie Heigh[...]rter).
A son, Philip, predeceased him.
Mr Ryan is also survived by his brothers, Geoffrey[...]
Manly Library Local Studies

A funeral service for Mr Ryan will be held at St Matthew’s Church, Manly, at[...]Many tributes have been paid since the news of Mr Ryan’s death.
From the Mayor of Manly, Alderman W. Iles, “Mr Ryan’s death is a sad blow. Noel Ryan
brought fame to Manly with his swimming achieveme[...]pathy of the aldermen and citizens of Manly to Mr Ryan’s
widow and family.
The president of Manly Swimming Club, Mr Pat Henderson, said, “I have known Noel
personally since he was a young lad. He was a man[...]”

MAN02118 Noel Ryan 1934 MML

The immediate past president of Manly Surf Life Saving Club, Mr Rex Phillips, said, “Noel
was one of Australia’s greatest surfers and swi[...]of
a coaching class under the late Harry Hay with Noel Ryan. “Noel was the one to whom we
youngsters all look[...]


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