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Eric Fox


Manly Library Local Studies

Eric Charles Fox, MM (1889-1964)

MAN01154 Eric Fox 1929

Eric Charles Fox was born at Hobart, Tasmania on 11 November 1889 to Charles
Joseph and Florence Ella FoxEric C Fox, a distinguished soldier and a prominent member o[...]on Monday in his flat in Osborne Road, Manly. Mr Fox
was the only member of the Manly Life-Saving Club[...][2/5?] Field Regiment, 7th Division, AIF.
Mr Fox joined the Manly Life-Saving Club when it[...]
Manly Library Local Studies

Mr Fox shared a distinction with another well-known Manl[...]gby Union.
Life Memberships were conferred on Eric Fox by Manly Amateur Swimming Club, Manly Life-
Swimming Club.
A story in relation to Mr Fox’s enlistment is given in ‘Guns and Gunners’[...]en the Commanding Officer, Col C G Ingate, and Mr Fox.
Friends for many years, they had sailed together[...]gnition, “What’s your name, Gunner?”
Fox, sir.”
“Were you in the last war?”
“No sir, I was much too young. I’m only 34.” (Mr Fox was then 49).
Mr Fox gave useful service throughout the life of the Re[...]ervice was conducted by Rev J A Richardson. “Mr Fox served in some of the fiercest